Circulate With Positive People, Think Positive Thoughts.

Most negative people are completely unaware of their negativity; it becomes a part of their psyche, part of their thoughts and everyday lives. It can even have an effect on the way you look! Stooped shoulders, down turned lips and sad eyes are signs of long term sadness or negativity. Its not easy to replace a negative state of mind with a positive one; however you can take small steps to becoming more positive. Try to surround yourself with positivity – circulate with positive people, think positive thoughts.

Try to become aware when your thoughts turn negative and try to replace them with something positive. If you’ve been in a negative state of mind for some time, be patient with yourself… old habits are very hard to break, but it is possible if you take small steps. Look for the positive aspects of a situation every situation has at least one! Dress for Success! When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good you’re happier, when you’re happier, your outlook is more positive. Avoiding negative people is essential; they will only drain your positive energy. by doing just this:

At the end of each week, do you always find that you have little or no time for yourself? These days the pace of life is fast and life can pass you by if you’re not careful. Its really important to be nice to yourself, treat yourself and take time out for yourself. Feelings of resentment, anger and disappointment can often arise when someone has little or no time for themselves, which is detrimental to them and everyone around them.

Aim to do something nice for yourself at least once per month ladies treat yourself to a make-over at a store, a facial or a manicure. Go out to coffee with an old friend, or simply a walk in the park to free your mind. Guys, do something that you love to do, whether its indoors or outdoors just make sure you’re doing it for yourself! Today is the day to make a plan for your time out.

Learn to say NO! Saying Yes when you mean No is a surprisingly easy habit to develop over time. It can have a negative effect on your well-being as you find yourself over-committing or doing things that you don’t have time for, or don’t want to do, just because you cant say No. In order to be able to do more of the things you want in life, you have to be firm with others and let them know if you cannot, will not, or are unavailable to fulfill their requests. People who continually say yes when they mean no can develop feelings of resentment, jealousy & guilt which have potential to damage the relationships they are trying to nurture.

This is the irony of saying yes when you should say no. Don’t be afraid to say no, others will understand as they hear it all the time. How many times have you asked someone to help you with something and been turned down. Probably a few, so try not to feel guilty when you need to say No. If you’re genuine, this will be evident and the person who needs you for something will understand. Embrace the power of NO! – Please Visit Simple Health For More Well-Being Information –

The Benefits Of Using Silk And Satin Pillowcases

Pillowcases have long been used to achieve correct sleep and rest posture as well as comfort during sleeping. There are many types of pillowcases and each has unique advantages as well as cons. Traditional cotton and polyester pillowcases were very popular and are still used by many people. However, new studies and research have shown these fabrics can lead to the formation of creases and fine lines. They also absorb moisture from the body and face, leaving you wiped out and dry. This can expose your delicate face to bacteria and other infections. On the other hand, silk and satin pillowcases have been proved to offer just the opposite which is what you need.
Why silk?
The advantages of using silk pillowcases are quite straightforward and range from younger looking skin to smooth hair, pest repelling and ease of maintenance among others. All these benefits lie in its fabric.
• Comfort – Silk fabrics are designed to offer a comfortable environment for the skin. Unlike cotton and polyester wick-fibres that drain away your night cream and oils, silk is constructed to retain them on your skin. The fabric offers an equal skin pH, thus allowing your night cosmetic product to work to their full potential. The fabric is smooth and does not form any lines or wrinkles on your face.
• Smooth hair – Waking up with stuck up hair and bed head locks is one of the boring appearances you get when you do not use a silk pillowcase. Silk fabrics are constructed to reduce friction between hair and the pillowcase thus retaining smooth bright hair every morning.
• Pest repelling – The fabric also repels insects like mites that may get attracted to the bed and pillow. Pillows can be a habitat to hundreds of mites which are tiny and attack your face at night when the heat attracts them. Silk pillowcases are specifically designed to keep mites off and they will never breed anywhere near the pillowcases.
There are many other benefits of using silk fabrics for your pillowcases rather than traditionally preferred options. The fabric is easy to clean and maintain offering ultimate durability. These cases are also hypoallergenic and safe for your skin. They will not result in any allergies or irritation.
Silk pillowcases are safe, comfortable, durable, convenient to use and easy to maintain. They present all values sought in a pillowcase. Moreover, they reduce aging wrinkles and lead to a younger-looking skin while keeping mites off your sleep. When making purchases, ensure you choose credible distributors who can guarantee top-quality silk pillowcases including trademark options.

What Are Artificial Trees?

Everyone could start using green sources of energy such as solar power tomorrow and it would still be too late to entirely reverse the effects of pollution on the environment, including climate change. There is already enough carbon dioxide present in the air we breathe for scientists to say that the air is beyond a safe threshold. Scientists believe that CO2 levels will keep increasing at a steady pace if nothing changes in the near future.

Some climatologists believe that it is too late to do anything about climate change but others say that it is not too late to prevent climate change from getting out of control. Some scientists are currently working on technologies that would help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and perhaps contribute to bringing C02 levels back to pre-industrial levels. The best part is that the cost of implementing these solutions is very reasonable and even negligible in comparison to the amount of damages caused by greenhouse gases to the environment. The two scientists who developed this solution explain that we would not even have to entirely eliminate fossil fuels to achieve a cleaner environment.

Scrub the Carbon Dioxide

There are different methods used to scrub the carbon dioxide emitted by power plants and other facilities. These methods are expensive and few companies use them. Power plants alone are responsible for 41 percent of carbon dioxide emissions while the rest is emitted by cars, trucks and airplanes. Dr. Allen Wright and Klaus Lackner are developing a carbon capture method at the Earth Institute of Columbia University. This technology will help remove carbon emissions from vehicles.

Each unit should be just as big and just as expensive as a car according to Lackner. Each unit could collect the equivalent of a ton of carbon every day by filtering the air. This corresponds to the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by 36 cars in a day. With ten millions of these units, which are referred to as artificial trees, could eliminate 12 percent of the carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere every year, and help reduce tree removals.

This carbon dioxide scrubbing method has very little in common with other technologies. Some geo-engineering technologies designed to cool the earth by releasing huge amounts of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere have received criticism since they would deflect solar radiation. On the other hand, capturing carbon dioxide is a much simpler and safer approach. The two scientists are facing a real economic challenge. They need to find a way to manufacture these artificial trees at an affordable cost so they can be widely used. A large quantity of units would be needed to have an impact on the environment. There is a strong need for economic incentives that would encourage companies and individuals to invest in these technology. There are already incentives designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Government Financing

Lackner believes that governments should establish viable mechanisms that could be used to finance these technologies. He believes that energy companies should be required to purchase certificates of sequestration for each ton of fossil fuel they extract and refine instead of relying on a carbon-trading approach.

The main advantage of this approach is that solar energy, wind power and carbon capture would be treated equally and these different technologies could be used for a cleaner environment. Allowing for larger profit margins on these technologies would encourage everyone to invest in research and development to create more efficient and more affordable technologies.